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Solar charging station for electric vehicle


  • Economical combination of a covered parking, solar panels and charging stations
  • Charging stations can be built into the structure
  • Structure available in stainless steel and pressure-impregnated wood
  • Available in various sizes and designs


This charging station is available in various hardware and software versions. Based on your needs, your charging station can be fitted with a specific pack.

The solar charging station of BeCharged is available in four standard modules


  Lite Pack Business Pack Premium Pack Premium Plus Pack
Connexion with the online management platform No No Yes1 Yes1
Autorisation No Yes Yes Yes
Activation tools - Start/Stop button with microswitch
- Microswitch
RFID-card2 - RFID card
- Telephone - dial
- Smartphone application
- SMS prepaid
- SMS postpaid
- RFID-kaart
- Inbelnummer
- Smartphone applicatie
- SMS prepaid
- SMS postpaid
Certified energy meter (MID)3 Optional Optional Yes Yes
Alarm system against burglary and vandalism No No No Yes

X1= Data communication via GPRS or LAN.
X2= Internal database. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards can be programmed via a master and a delete card.
X3= The kWh meters are approved under the MID (Measuring Instrument Directive).


This charging station is compatible with the household socket outlet, EV (Electric Vehicle) Type 2 and Type 3 socket outlet.The design allows easy changing of sockets, and allows combinations and changing of different types of socket outlets.


  Domestic type
Type 1
SAE J1772-2009
Type 2
VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2
Type 3
EV Plug Alliance
Type 4
Location Charging station Vehicle Charging station
Charging station Vehicle
Power 3 kW
3 to 7 kW
3 to 43 kW
3 to 22 kW
50 kW
to 400A

Charging mode Mode 1 and 2 Mode 3 Mode 3 Mode 3 Mode 4
Lock No No Yes Yes No

Charging mode:
- Mode 1: Charging as per the normal current and ground conductors.
- Mode 2: Charging is controlled by a control box on the cable equipped with a pilot control system and a pilot earth leakage circuit breaker (protection against electrical shocks)
- Mode 3: Charging is controlled by the pilot control system and a pilot earth leakage circuit breaker present in the charging station. There is no voltage as long as the socket outlets are not locked. A communication link between the charging station and the vehicle makes smart grid applications possible.
- Mode 4: Charging is controlled by an external charger in the charging station.

Contact us for customised solutions

For those who have specific requirements, BeCharged develops customised charging stations. A separate business model is designed in collaboration with the client in such cases. Thus for example, the following subjects can be discussed:

  • Integration of existing software and hardware systems
  • Integration of existing access and payment systems
  • Integration of a barcode reader or a ticket printer