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Pole model for electric vehicle


  • Anchored in the ground via a stainless steel pole.
  • Equipped with two separate socket outlets as per choice.
  • Available in various models and power ranges.
  • The design is so developed that expensive hardware is safely placed above the collision point.
  • The LED ring allows easy communication with the user.
  • 100% recyclable and easily replaceable polycarbonate cover
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and for private and public land.
  • Possibility of providing personal identity by placing a logo and colour mix.


This charging station is available in various hardware and software versions. Based on your needs, your charging station can be fitted with a specific pack.

  Lite Pack Business Pack Premium Pack Premium Plus Pack
Connexion with the online management platform No No Yes1 Yes1
Autorisation No Yes Yes Yes
Activation tools - Start/Stop button with microswitch
- Microswitch
RFID-card2 - RFID card
- Telephone - dial
- Smartphone application
- SMS prepaid
- SMS postpaid
- RFID-kaart
- Inbelnummer
- Smartphone applicatie
- SMS prepaid
- SMS postpaid
Certified energy meter (MID)3 Optional Optional Yes Yes
Alarm system against burglary and vandalism No No No Yes

X1= Data communication via GPRS or LAN.
X2= Internal database. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards can be programmed via a master and a delete card.
X3= The kWh meters are approved under the MID (Measuring Instrument Directive).


This charging station is compatible with the household socket outlet and the EV (Electric Vehicle) Type 2 socket outlet.The design allows easy changing of sockets, and allows combinations and changing of different types of socket outlets.

  Domestic type
Type 1
SAE J1772-2009
Type 2
VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2
Type 3
EV Plug Alliance
Type 4
Location Charging station Vehicle Charging station
Charging station Vehicle
Power 3 kW
3 to 7 kW
3 to 43 kW
3 to 22 kW
50 kW
to 400A

Charging mode Mode 1 and 2 Mode 3 Mode 3 Mode 3 Mode 4
Lock No No Yes Yes No

Charging mode:
- Mode 1: Charging as per the normal current and ground conductors.
- Mode 2: Charging is controlled by a control box on the cable equipped with a pilot control system and a pilot earth leakage circuit breaker (protection against electrical shocks)
- Mode 3: Charging is controlled by the pilot control system and a pilot earth leakage circuit breaker present in the charging station. There is no voltage as long as the socket outlets are not locked. A communication link between the charging station and the vehicle makes smart grid applications possible.
- Mode 4: Charging is controlled by an external charger in the charging station.



1-phase 16A – 230V
3-phase 16A – 230V
3-phase 32A – 400V


Activation methods

  • RFID
  • SMS
  • Smartphone
  • Telephone - dial

Data sheets

Contact us for customised solutions

For those who have specific requirements, BeCharged develops customised charging stations. A separate business model is designed in collaboration with the client in such cases. Thus for example, the following subjects can be discussed:

  • Integration of existing software and hardware systems
  • Integration of existing access and payment systems
  • Integration of a barcode reader or a ticket printer
  • Master-Slave configuration