“Market leader in innovative charging stations for electric vehicles, and your partner for e-mobility across borders

Become a dealer of BeCharged?

Due to an ever increasing demand for more electrical charging infrastructure, we are looking for dealers with whom we can build a solid, mutually-beneficial relationship to capture this growth together. Concepts as 'transparency' and 'communication' are central to our way of conduct.

We hold our dealers in high regard:

We guide you through the sales process and try the make the work flow as smooth as possible. This is why we developed the Sales Tool which we make freely available to you as a dealer. It will help you during the sales talk and allow you to create offers with just a few clicks. All our recommended prices are also integrated in the tool.

When you decide to become a dealer, we will gladly offer you a more detailed description and training.

Why become a dealer of BeCharged:

  • As a market leader, BeCharged is proud of its quality reputation and its technical expertise since 2009. BeCharged is also an Olympus partner.
  • BeCharged is a market leader in Belgium and a large player in Switzerland. BeCharged is also expanding its operations in both Europe and Asia.
  • Our charging infrastructure is home made and, if required, tailor made.
  • BeCharged offers a wide spectrum of durable charging infrastructure, created in several designs, models and solutions.
  • BeCharged has the largest Smart Grid charging network in Europe. The Smart Grid algorithm prevents the power grid from overloading and makes sure that vehicles are charged through a priority system.
  • BeCharged has one of the best Charging Operator platforms worldwide that enables the owner of a charging station to determine a pricing strategy, build reports and customize the Smart Grid settings. Due to roaming agreements, BeCharged's charging stations are available to a larger public.
  • BeCharged also serves as Mobility Service Provider which enables customers to active charging stations with a Smartphone Application and with an RFID card.
  • The Sales Tool greatly speeds up your sales process.
  • As a dealer of BeCharged, you enjoy our brand familiarity and reference such as the Belgian Railway, Interparking, Peugeot…
  • BeCharged offers training and an optimal guidance.
  • BeCharged is always available for questions and additional wishes.


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